Commercial photography

interiors with people

Good first impression

Building a successful business requires a professional look. That professional look could be the difference between whether your customers spend money on your services or your competitors.

We believe that high quality photography with actors/customers allows your customers to put themselves in the actors place. This proves extremely useful as first time buyers want to trust in the services you provide.

This is why we recommend our clients to use situational pictures with people when pushing their product/service.


We needed to stage the presence of real guests in the hotel. The hotel combines family and business functions and we wanted to explore both in our shoot.

This is important for new customers so they can gauge the atmosphere of the hotel and get a sense of their experience should they book for you.


We showed several situations like business lunches, family scenarios, bookings, spa visits and crucially, customer to employee interaction. 

It was vital to get a range of scenarios in order to cover as many target customer groups as possible. In this case it was families and those traveling for business.


The project required the participation of the whole family. We've used young models without experience in modelling which made the progress a little longer (but was totally worth it).

The hotel was fully occupied, it was important not to absorb the guests with our photoshoot. This proved not to be a problem with the finished results.