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Sometimes you have to work smarter and harder! In this case, the hotel was impressive and very high end. Sadly however, the weather was terrible and all the rooms looked dark and moody. To achieve better results on the day, we used bright and wide lenses and professional lighting rigs outside the building.

This gave the rooms a warm and cozy atmosphere.

Finally, the outside shots were taken some other day when it didn’t rain.

We believe that photography using people will allow your customers to put themselves in the place and imagine the service they’ll receive. That is why we advise our clients to use situational pictures with people.


Our customer has experience in the game, as he owns a few hotels already. Hotel 77 was the newest and the smallest in the family.

The assignment was to present a small, cozy but highly comfortable hotel mainly to families and individuals.


We chose to showcase the strongest selling points of the hotel, i.e. excellent cuisine and highly comfortable rooms to emphasize the uniqueness of the object. We also showed people occupying the various facilities.

The focus needs to be the service for guests


At the time of planning the photo shoot, we knew about the locations, models and planned the schedule. We unfortunately didn't predict that bad weather would pose the biggest challenge.

Thankfully we were prepared for it. To stage the summer-look, we set up rain-proof film lights outside the building to simulate the sun's rays.

During the session, the hotel owner came in and when she saw the sunlit room asked:

"When did the sun come out? All my way here didn't stop raining"